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Proviamo a scrivere un articolo

bonus facciate

Non riscontro problemi di velocità ?!?!?!?


Proviamo ad aggiungere tanto testo:

  • My site is not in WordPress, can I still use ShortPixel?Yes! If your site uses PHP then you can use our command line or web based tools. They are easy to install and operate and we’re here to assist you in case you need it. We also have an image optimization API that you can use in your own applications from any programming language.
  • Do you optimize existing WebP images?No, but ShortPixel can generate (for no extra cost) the optimized WebP version of any JPG, PNG or GIF image that you’re optimizing. If your images are delivered using JavaScript, then it is possible that our way to serve the WebP versions of your images to the compatible browsers will not work.
  • How can I pay?We accept PayPal and (credit) card payments. If you cannot pay by any of these two means, please contact us and we’ll work out a solution.
  • How do monthly subscriptions work?


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